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Exepron is not only a powerful solution for the construction office, it is also a mobile, real-time
collaboration tool designed for on-site execution and critical decision-making.


Construction: Residential and Commercial Properties

Whether you’re a construction company, architecture or engineering firm, you’re all part of an interrelated group, dependent on shared information.

Companies need project management software that can share resources among the different groups while delivering a high degree of dependency. Exepron is the solution. Exepron provides project management software for construction companies, architectural firms and engineering firms.

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Coordinate your Team and Sub-contractors

Need to coordinate the work to be performed while allocating resources among your company and others? Construction project management software is essential. Exepron’s project management software can integrate the availability of subcontractors along with the needs of your own company and still maintain the master schedule. With the help of the construction project management software, your building superintendent can coordinate work activities among different trades throughout the building or across multiple residences in a residential community.

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Create building plans and Templates in Exepron

In addition to construction companies, architecture firms also need to coordinate activities while still managing the risk. Exepron’s project management software for architects provides the ability to develop a user friendly template to plan, schedule and coordinate activities. The project management software includes an imbedded intelligence which easily converts a project plan into an executable schedule. Standard building plans can be turned into project templates for future use. With Exepron’s project management software, all construction companies, architecture and engineering firms have the ability to view real-time information which improves the management and execution of all projects within a portfolio.

Update Tasks from on-site locations in real-time

Project managers need to be able to see exactly when and where action must be taken on a jobsite location. Project management software gives them the ability to communicate quickly with the entire team. Exepron’s project management software is not only a powerful planning, scheduling and execution solution for the construction, architecture or engineering firm office, it’s also designed to be a mobile, real-time collaboration tool for onsite execution and critical decision-making. Construction project management software should also communicate progress updates and recovery activities so the entire process is transparent from start to finish. Using the Exepron project management software solution gives teams the confidence to make the right decisions.


TOC Sprendimai: High Rise Construction

Exepron and Building Information Modeling (BIM) Combined
Nerius Jasinavicius   Sprendimai  Lithuania
Exepron highlighted the project workflow to rescue a large 27 story construction project and deliver it on-time.

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