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Exepron Schedules Manufacturing

Exepron synchronizes workflow activities for internal and external operations in
real-time while embedded intelligence displays Tasks requiring immediate attention.

Schedules Manufacturing

A reputation for on-time delivery in a Make-to-Order (MTO)
environment is paramount for sustained Company growth

A   Reliable, On-Time reputation creates a competitive advantage.  Maintaining a Competitive Lead-Time while Containing Costs is key to meeting this objective.
Exepron’s Planning, Scheduling and Execution capability can create a Decisive Competitive Advantage for an MTO environment.

Exepron’s use of reusable routing Templates allows rapid:

  •  Job Costing and Lead Time quotation and Order Entry
  •  Resource requirements planning
  •  Product Type and mix according to Standard Operating Procedures.
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    Maintaining a competitive lead-time from P.O. to Final Design is key to gaining business.

    Apply customizable Project / Routing Templates or creating a new Design plan using Exepron’s rapid Planning feature. Exepron provides the Planning. Scheduling and Execution visibility needed to coordinate and track a design’s progress through the Engineering activities.

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    Scheduling Multiple Jobs:

    Exepron’s Dynamic Drum utilizes a Pacing Resource as the staggering mechanism to schedule multiple routers through the operations.

    Exepron will recommend a start date for current and future jobs based on the selected Pacing Resource. Resource Loading across all Resource Types is visible for current and future work. Future Resource requirements planning are easy: Bottleneck operations and Resources Loads are visible and predicted in Real-Time.

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