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Business Intelligence Decision Support System (BIDSS)

More Projects Completed with Shorter Lead Times, less Chaos and Cost

Companies are at Risk when Valuable Projects Underperform

Causing Company Metrics to move in the the wrong direction

Lost Revenue       Costs overruns       Cash Flow Delays

Late Delivery opens the door to competitors.

With Exepron, expect a 30% to 50% reduction in Production Turn-Around-Time  and elevate Sales.

Exepron clients are empowered with an unparalleled ability to improve Operational and Sales performance. 

Improved Operational efficiency ensures predictable and on-time delivery, that in turn enables a singular focus for Sales on net new business and away from the distraction of customer support issues.

Exepron synchronizes Operations with Sales, 
leading to a significant Competitive Advantage.

BIDSS Dashboard Schedule

Exepron‘s unique BIDSS Dashboards provide:

  • Performance Metrics, monitoring trend and past performance.
  • Compliance Metrics, displaying the current status of key metrics.
  • Predictive, Forward View of Interactive Metrics for comparative; Plan vs. Actual, Past vs. Future and deeper analysis.
  • Risk Metrics, to manage Cash Flows, Risk Management, ROI and Budgets
  • BIDSS Risk Assessment Indicators

    Exepron is Forward Looking:

    Real-Time intelligence provides both historic information plus future Predictive capability.

    Unique Scheduling Risk Assessment Indicators displays the relative level of execution risk for each project or for a portfolio of projects. 

    Planned and Actual Financial performance is displayed in real-time as each project progresses. 

    Managers can track cash-flows and ROI with each gain or delay in time and material.

    Workflow displays all Projects in Flow, both In-Work and in Pipeline awaiting release

    Can we see all Project in Flow?

    Workflow and Linked Projects.

    Exepron’s Workflow displays all Projects in Flow, both In-Work and in Pipeline awaiting release. Projects can be Linked by connecting Tasks between Projects.

    Enterprise Executive Dashboard

    We have Multiple Exepron Accounts – can we Review them all in one place?

    A unique Enterprise Executive Dashboard (EED) allows quick review and access.

    Executives and other Permissioned Users have a quick overview and gain access to multiple accounts from a single dashboard. 

    Executive's can scroll through all Portfolios and dive down to a particular project within a Portfolio for additional analysis.

    Executive now have full global access and can understand the performance of all Company Projects from a single point of access.

    Timely Intelligent Information provides the Power to Perform                       Key   Features

    Exepron's research found a series of common reasons, beliefs and practices that cause projects to underperform. The genesis of Exepron was to solve these issues within an advanced critical chain scheduling solution.

    In a globally connected world, a SaaS solution should provide the maximum amount of actionable information. It should also be leveraging Big Data to provide Business Intelligence.

    We are convinced that information and intelligence should permeate throughout the organization unfettered by the artificial limitation of users. Exepron allows an unlimited number of users to access an account.

    By increasing the number of users having access to Exepron, there is an exponential increase in value. BIDSS delivers critical business intelligence in Real-Time to all of Senior Management for 24 / 7 peace on mind.

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