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Shipbuilding and Repair

Exepron synchronizes workflow activities for teams in real-time
while embedded intelligence focuses and prioritizes management attention



Shipbuilding and Repair

Now more than ever ship building re-fits and repair efforts are feeling the pressure to meet shorter delivery times at even more competitive prices.

There is a real need to synchronize the Engineering, Fabrication, Assembly and Erection workflow. Regrettably many shipyards appear to be operating as independent silos despite a desire to plan, schedule and execute in unison.

Key Features

Informational Dashboards to manage a Portfolio of Projects

Exepron® provides powerful informational dashboards for managing your portfolio of projects. Intuitive Point and Click technology has replaced cumbersome and complex drop down menus. The Exepron® systems architecture allows communication with your legacy or third party solutions. Intelligent Wizards guide the user through the process of constructing a project network, converting the plan into a firm schedule and then maximizing the company’s profit across all of the projects in a portfolio.


Synchronize Team Resources with Sub-contractors with the Master Schedule

Therefore it is necessary to coordinate both the work to be performed and resource utilization within your company and in many cases with other companies. Typically many resources from sub contractors are brought in and become part of your team. The challenge of course is to integrate their availability with your needs while at the same time synchronizing with your master schedule.

Embedded Intelligence displays when and where to Focus

Exepron® provides the collaboration tools allowing both internal and external teams to synchronize workflow activities in real-time. Embedded intelligence and informational Dashboards display Tasks requiring immediate attention to keep the entire shipbuilding, re-fit or repair efforts on time, to specification and within budget.

Real Time Dashboards

Ship Building: Thomas-Sea launches another vessel scheduled on Exepron.

Ship Building: Thomas-Sea early morning maiden voyage.

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